Tuesday, 11 May 2010

make this bag

Yes, you've probably seen this bag before. I made it back in October '08, remember? 

Well, I've had so many comments on this bag over the last year and a bit (one woman even stopped me on my way out of the supermarket to find out where she could find one).

The thing is, it took me quite a while to make this bag, so rather than spend weeks making another one, I thought I'd show you how to make one yourself! Great, eh?

But first, a sewing tutorial. I just need to finish putting it together.

I shall return very soon...


  1. Love that bag, can't wait for the tutorial.

    In the meantime, how did you get on at the craft market?!

  2. I think advertising your blog on a stall is a really neat idea and it's given me an idea... oooh exciting...

  3. Rin: Thank you :) Craft Market update coming soon!

    Rowan: Hooray for idea sharing! Looking forward to hearing your exciting idea!