Thursday, 18 November 2010

gifts for camera lovers

If you thought that Hüfa was a great gift for a photographer (and it is. Mine has stopped me from losing my lens cap about 5 times today), you should have a look at Photojojo. It's a treasure trove!

Some of my faves:


Camera phone lenses! This would be very cool if I had a fancy phone.

Mr Pippa got really excited about this one. It is only a model camera though, so your borrower friends couldn't even use it.

If I was one for sticking things to my MacBook, this would be cool. You can even choose between Canon and Nikon.

And now for things I'd actually use:

Not of much interest if you're not into photography, but very handy: a white balance lens cap. No more carrying around a bit of white paper. It replaces your lens cap so there's nothing extra to carry. Although, the auto white balance in Lightroom is so impressive that I can live without this for a while longer.

Magnetic polaroid frames. Super fun!

Super-Secret Spy Lens! This is genius. What I love about my Nikon D5000 (I had to check the body before I typed that. I never remember. Why don't they have them in some kind of order like, say, after 80 comes 90? No, that would be far too logical. So what comes after the D5000? No, it's not a D5001 - that could be a bit silly. It's not a D5500. It's not even a D6000. It's a D90. Where's the logic in that?! Anyway, where was I? Oh I remember...) is the flip out screen on the back (excuse the lack of technical terminology). It's what stopped me from upgrading from the Fuji sooner - I didn't want to lose the flip out screen with live view. Why? Because some of my favourite photos of people were taken with the camera nowhere near my face with the screen flipped out. Why are those photos often my favourites? Because no-one is posing and I'm able to catch the real smiles and laughter. However, sometimes, I want to look through the viewfinder. But you know that as soon as someone has a camera pointed at them, they stop the laughing and start looking all awkward. Well, not always, obviously. And not everyone, clearly, or we wouldn't have people making a living out of being models. Back to my original point: this is brilliant and I'd love to try it out. (Photojojo: fancy lending me one?)\

Cloak Camera Bag. Not as subtle as the Super-Secret Spy Lens, but still brilliant. I've been looking for a camera bag where I don't actually have to remove the camera to use it (yes, technically I don't have to remove my camera from the Crumpler bag to use it if I only want photos of the inside of the bag). I like this camera bag so much, it's getting another picture:

And finally, we have my favourite. This is the one which made Mr Pippa and me gasp in wonder and delight...

The Camera Lens Mug. 

You can even choose between a Canon and a Nikon lens. I love it.

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