Wednesday, 1 December 2010

consumable gifts {part 3: handmade and edible - the savoury ones}

Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of this Consumable Gifts series.

Let's get straight into the list: homemade food gifts {the savoury ones} or savory if you'd like a translation into American English. Although, I think you're bright enough to do the translating yourself.

1. Chutney
Make sure the recipient actually likes chutney before making them four jars of the stuff. Recipes: Christmas Chutney, Fragrant Mango & Apple Chutney, Apple & Cranberry, Spiced Courgette, Rhubard & Date, Tangy Onion, Classic Apple, Mango. I don't even like chutney and I think they look quite tempting.

(image from here)

2. Homemade Bread
Only give this one if you know they'll have a chance to consume it soon. You could make it a bit fancy - some sun-dried tomatoes in there, perhaps?

3. Salad Dressing
Here's one recipe. Put it in a fancy bottle and tie a ribbon around it, if you like.

4. Bag of Homemade Dried Pasta
Looks great here (and there are even ideas on how to package it).

5. Pesto
This writer here thinks it would look great in an old-fashioned French storage or Kilner jar. Yes, it probably would. Here's another recipe (free printables with this second one).

(image from here)

6. Bread Mix in a Jar
As with the cake/cookie/brownie mix in a jar idea from part 2 of the Consumable Gifts series, layer the ingredients in a large jar. This mix needs no kneading and they show you how to make the kit at that link too. Brilliant!

7. Flavoured Oil
Here's a recipe for Chilli Oil, but I'm sure there are plenty more. Nice glass bottle and some ribbon and you're sorted.

8. A Spice Mix
Here's a recipe for a Chilli Spice Mix and tips on how to package it. Or, give a spice mix with recipe ideas, like here. Good old Martha Stewart with an All-Purpose Spice Rub here. Or, not spices but I think it fits into the same category: Garlic Bread Seasoning. You could give some nice bread with it too.

9. Jam/Marmalade/Curd
Sweet or savoury? Well, I put these in the savoury category because you have them with savoury things. Sweet Cherry Jam, Lemon and Lime Marmalade, Three Fruit Marmalade, Lemon Curd. Or, if they like lemon curd, perhaps they'd like vanilla curd or banoffee curd (we're currently finishing a jar of banoffee curd and it's delish on hot toast).

(image from here)

10. Spiced Nuts
Spiced Pecans here; Spiced Nuts here.

Coming up next: homemade food gifts {the drinks}

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