Wednesday, 1 December 2010

consumable gifts {part 4: handmade and edible - the drinks}

Hello and welcome to the 4th part of this Consumable Gifts series.

Let's get straight into the list: homemade food gifts {the drinks}. This list is a bit shorter than the others.

1. Butterbeer
For the Harry Potter fan. As you can't buy this stuff in the shops (yet), it'd be a great surprise. Find the recipe here.

2. Hot Chocolate/Hot Cocoa Mix
Alright, so this isn't exactly homemade, but it's put together by you, instead of a shop. There's a lovely idea here of putting hot chocolate mix, along with marshmallows, into a personalized mug.

(image from here)

3. Irish Cream Liqueur
Recipe here.

(image from here)

4. Tea Blends
Homemade Tea Blends here.

5. Mulling Sachets
See here.

6. Ginger Ale
This one's called the Easy Homemade Ginger Ale.

7. Homemade Amaretto
See here.

8. Christmas Drink Mixers
See here.

9. Coffee Syrup
It's number 23 in part 2, but makes a reappearance here. If, like me, your recipient prefers hot drinks to cold, perhaps this Vanilla Syrup would go down well. The bottle's gorgeous too. A couple of years ago at a coffee shop chain, they sold crème brûlée syrup. They sold it for about two months and then stopped it, which made me sad because it's been my favourite coffee syrup flavour so far. If anyone can find a recipe for it (or someone selling it) please send the info my way.

Thank you for visiting.

Coming up next in the consumable gifts series is part 5: handmade {definitely not edible}

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