Thursday, 2 December 2010

consumable gifts {part 5: handmade and definitely not edible}

Hello and welcome to the 5th part of this Consumable Gifts series.

Let's get straight into the list: handmade {and definitely not edible}.

1. Soap
There are plenty of tutorials out there but I thought this one looked quite fun (they look like ice-lollies!). Or, as a gift for a child (big or small): make a clear soap with a colourful plastic character inside.

2. Bath Salts
This one looks great. A bit more luxurious than soap, I think.

(image from here)

3. Body Scrub
Yummy recipe/instructions here. Or here's a tutorial for a hand scrub.

4. For children: Playdough
No, this isn't technically consumable, but it's not intended to be kept for long, so it would only be temporary clutter.

5. Bird Seed Ornaments
Yes, technically, it's edible, but it's not intended for humans so it doesn't count. I like this idea of making bird seed ornaments - you can make them into any shape you want. I bet the birds would love it. Another tutorial here.

(image from here)

And that's all for now.

Yes, I know. This list is hilariously short. Was there any point in giving these a post of their own? Well, I like to think that we'll add to this as time passes. Can you think of anything to add to this minuscule list?

Coming up next in the consumable gifts series is part 6: handmade {the packaging}


  1. Notepaper / writing paper? Or a notebook? You could handmake the paper, or at least decorate it. I love anything stationery related, and its definitely consumable because I go through it all so quickly!

  2. thanks for featuring my bird seed ornament page along with these other great homemade gift ideas. :)

  3. Rin: Great idea!

    Heather: No problem :)