Thursday, 9 December 2010

consumable gifts {part 6: the packaging}

Hello and welcome to the 6th part of this Consumable Gifts series.

So, you've made some scrummy treats but you're not sure how to wrap them. Somehow a crumpled plastic zippy bag just doesn't do your jam justice. What a mental image. Hopefully you'll find some better ideas here to inspire you.

Things in Jars
Jam, chutney, pesto, body scrub, cookie mix - so many great homemade consumable gifts can go into jars. If you want to impress, buy a nice jar - one they can keep things in afterwards (one they'll want to keep things in afterwards). Or if you're being thrifty by reusing old jam jars, well done you! But do hide the unattractive lid. Here's a lovely idea:

(image found here)

Find some pretty fabric to cover the lid and attach your own handwritten label. Or forget the fabric and just go for a bold label like these from Jamie Oliver:

(image found here)

I adore this one (below) with the sealing wax. You could use sealing wax to hold together ribbon, bakers' twine or old fashioned string (or an old bootlace, if you really want).

Maple Honey Caramel Spread: it's enough to make me want to move to America, just so I could try some.

If you're giving more than one jar as a gift, think about packaging them together. I like this idea - mainly because it uses a free and plentiful resource. Looks quite effective too.

(image found here)

Fudge And The Like
As we know, Martha Stewart has some ideas for how to wrap fudge here (only two ideas though. Not that impressive, is it Martha?) or there are Candy Packaging Ideas here. This is a fave of mine:

(image found here)

There's a great tutorial for these at Givers Log (brilliant site), along with a load of other fantastic ideas. In fact, I could just give you that link and call it a day, but I'll show you a few more. Below is an idea I stumbled upon o Givers Log for a DIY Bakery Box. Genius!

(image found here)

Or how about this gift box made from a paper cup? Nifty.

(image found here)

Or make your own paper box (tutorial here) - they are super easy.

I think that's enough for you to be going on with for now, don't you? Oh alright, here are some more nice packages to inspire you. You see, you don't need fancy wrapping paper: brown wrapping paper, newspaper and maps all make really effective wrapping paper. Use some string or bakers' twine or ribbon to brighten it up a bit. Maybe you could make your own label too?

1. Regalos decorativos bajo el árbol, 2. You mean the world to me, 3. all ready!, 4. This week I..., 5. Paint chip package, 6. Season's Greetings. 10 pack gift tags., 7. Untitled, 8. Einzigartige personalisierte Aufkleber, 9. Untitled

If I've whet your appetite for pretty packaging, have a nosey at the Flickr groups nice package and gift wrap.

Now, I'm feeling inspired enough to go and wrap some fudge. I shall return with photos.

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