Monday, 10 January 2011

trading the Christmas decs for hearts

What do you think of the makeover? Well, I only changed the blog banner. Couldn't really be seen having a Christmas banner in mid-January now, could I?

To mark the taking-down of my Christmas decorations (finally happened yesterday. Now just need the boxes to move a little closer to the loft.), I've finished uploading my Christmassy photos to Flickr. And as for my Christmas album, that's due to be finished in July. How do these people making December Daily albums keep on top of it? Do they all own photo printers or something?! I, like the rest of the country, do not have a photo printing section in my home, so I have to actually go out to get said photos printed.

You didn't need to know any of that.

Why did I start this post? Oh yes, photos. So, they're on Flickr.

Did I tell you about the train sets that were part of our Christmas decorations? Mr Pip and I have a lot of wooden train sets. We originally bought them as table decorations at our wedding (which caused the caterer to ask, "Oh, so do you both really like trains?" to which we responded with a you-really-don't-get-our-style-do-you "No. We just like fun.") and they've been sitting in a box since then. So, when putting the decs up we had the genius idea of putting a train set around the Christmas tree. I gave Mr Pippa that job.

It felt as though my back had been turned for one moment to find that there wasn't just a train set around the tree, but one above the fire...

And one on the hearth...

And one around the ukelele stand.

This is what happens when you leave a man in charge of train sets.


  1. I love those trains! My brother used to have lot of them when we were younger.

  2. Well you already know exactly how much I love every aspect of this post!! :) xxx