Monday, 7 February 2011

February baby shower

Event: baby shower {it's a boy}
Colour scheme: purple, bright blue, kiwi green and white
Soundtrack: Vitamin String Quartet covering Boys Don't Cry by The Cure
Dress code: dressy
Cocktails (non-alcoholic, obviously) and finger food, followed by games, followed by tea and cake, followed by present unwrapping, followed by more tea and cake, followed by praying.
A great evening.

Clothesline bunting, of course (see here if you'd like to make this yourself).

On the team of decorators, we had a maths teacher. As it was her job to put up the clothesline bunting, she did, of course, have to ensure that there was a regular pattern with the bibs and vests and nappies. Whereas I was all about putting things into some kind of colour order.

When pushing M&Ms into peanut oat cookies (which are delicious and dangerously moreish), I couldn't allow myself to use the reds or yellows or browns because they weren't in the colour scheme. I don't think anyone noticed. I did though. And it pleased me.

The train sets came in handy once again for decorating the food table (and doubling up as a gift to the baby).

Alas, it wasn't quite possible to stick to the colour scheme when it came to the drinks umbrellas. Although, I made sure they were arranged into a colour order, of course (notice that the straws are in the colour scheme).

In the whole of my baking life, I've never had so much praise over my cakes before. The way everyone was talking, you'd think I'd put crack into them or something. No, really. There were gasps and groans. I may or may not share the recipe with you. As it's my own, I'm wondering if I should keep it a secret. We'll see. Do you like parma violets?

And, so that people knew which cakes were which, I put little flags/signs on the table (the balloon sticks and cups came it very handy for displaying them. I'll keep that in mind for next time).

And, what's a baby shower without a nappy cake?

Shame I couldn't get the paper planes done in time. But then, I think there was plenty going on.


  1. Oh Pippa, it's fabulous. I still adore the clothes line bunting, it's super cute. And your colour scheme is brilliant (and your strict sticking to it is hilarious)! xx

  2. Yay, pretty pretty pretty! And may I say, how neat all the cutting out looks on those decorations ;)

  3. Brilliant work! Love the nappy cake :D