Tuesday, 20 September 2011

how to attach a mobile

Hello you.

I've got lots of things to show you but I've had very little time to actually upload photos and form some sort of blog post. It's for a fun reason though: I've been working on the nursery! Well, when I say working on, it's been more like me being project manager between naps and Mr Pippa doing the real hard work.

Very soon, I shall have photos to share with you. Exciting!

One question: how on earth can I attach an enormous mobile* to the ceiling? The walls in this place crumble at the tiniest nail, so I dread to think what the ceilings are like (why would someone wallpaper a ceiling unless there was something to hide? That's my thinking).

Any ideas?

*I, of course, do not mean a mobile phone. Why would I want an enormous mobile phone on my ceiling? 


  1. Does it have to be to the ceiling, can it be to the side of the cot?

    Ps: I spy planes...boy?? (Not that girls can't like planes, obviously!)

  2. It's quite vast, so if it was attached to the side of the cot, I wouldn't be able to get in the room!

    Don't have a clue whether we're having a girl or a boy so we're aiming for a fun gender-neutral nursery. But I do have some pink on standby for if it's a girl ;)