Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Melty Melty Wall Art

There has been a lot going on lately - lots of colourful fun things have been made, a nursery has been decorated and Mr Pippa made some art. Photos have been taken and blog posts will be posted.

For today, some melted crayon wall art:

It's been all over Pinterest and it was only a matter of time before I had a go at it - you know how much I love things in colour-order.

I adhered the crayons (still in their wrappers) to the canvas with a hot glue gun. Once they were all in place, I got the heat gun out and gently heated a section of crayons, allowing the wax to drip down.

I tested this out on a small canvas before venturing to this one. On the small canvas, I used cheaper crayons. I have no idea why but that one worked better than this one. I'll add a photo of it to this post so that you can see what I mean.

See how there seems to be some kind of resistance going on in those purples? That melted wax does not want to stick the the canvas. Very odd.

Currently, it's on the wall of the nursery. I'm not sure I'll end up keeping it long-term because it went a bit weird:

As the melted wax dried, it lifted off the canvas. I had already thought that it wasn't the most durable piece of art for the wall and probably better to display it in a box frame, if one wanted to keep it.

Still looks cool though. It can stay in the nursery for a bit longer, I think.


  1. this looks amazing! whats a heat gun though?

  2. Thanks both!

    The heat gun I use is designed to be used for craft projects and it similar to this one:

    Hope that helps!