Friday, 2 October 2009

sneak peek

Here's a tiny bit of the Cath Kidston chair I've been going on about. Intrigued?

You know a little while back I mentioned how my computer was playing up and I'd really love a MacBook? Well I didn't actually think that my computer would completely die. But then I didn't think that some wonderful friends would do a wonderful thing either.

I have a MacBook ... Pro! I still don't quite believe it. Every now and again, I go to check my emails on Mr Pippa's computer and then I remember that I can check them on mine! Or, when my body wants to be in bed, I can take my MacBook with me and still be doing things! Everyone with ME should have a laptop.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the Cath Kidston chair I have been telling you about for the last few weeks. I still haven't managed to transfer all of my photos from my dead machine, but I remembered that I'd emailed some pictures of the chair to my family. So, I fished them out of my sent items and now I can share them with you...

But I'm going to have a cup of tea first. Call back later if you're interested. In fact, call back even if you're not. Just pop in and say hello! That would be nice, especially as I feel as though I've lost all of my readers after the long break.


  1. Definitely haven't lost your readers, I always drop by when I need inspiring! x

  2. We are not lost, merely waiting quietly for you to return to the noughties (and I for one am glad that you have made it back!)